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Monkey Island also called Cat Dua Island is situated within the area of Cat Ba island, a private island located 2 km from Cat Ba town.

After a few whiskeys we learned all the places to go on the island, where not to go, and made plans for dinner with them the next day. We would like to thank the Department of Entomology, National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology; staff of Hai Phong Preventive Medicine Center and Cat Ba Health Center for their support on collecting dengue cases and mosquito trapping. The hotel provides a free pick-up service from Catba Town at 07:45 (meeting point at Holiday View Hotel or Beo Harbour in CatBa town), and from the resort at 16:00  Cat ba to Hanoi, the easiest way to leave Cat Ba is through a booked Bus + speed boat + Bus.

Volleyball deflated, foosball ball missing, no hottub as mentioned) and travellers on a budget should be aware the tab might come out pricey (lunch and dinner are $10 each and it’s $5-7 to go between the island and Catba). From the harbor, a boat will take you to Cai Vieng (the west harbor of Cat Ba Island), and a final bus will take you to Cat Ba Town. However going to Cat Ba during September to November you could enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that is somewhat relaxing also. I don’t know what your hobbies are, whether you want to come Cat Ba and the reason what you want to come this place. First question – we want to avoid Halong City and instead stay on Cat Ba Island.

We took a one day cruise of Han La Bay and Halong Bay with Travel Cat Ba Island and I highly recommend them. It also worked to strengthen protections within Cat Ba National Park — hiring guards and increasing staff capacity, meeting with local citizens, and establishing an official langur sanctuary within the preserve. There are some seafood restaurants near Holiday View hotel, on way to go to Cat Co beach, very easy to find.

You most likely are lucky enough to get discover cattle and also pigs on motor cycle as well as Vietnamese boys and girls eliminating for mineral water zoysia grass. Although the beach is not attractive as Cat Co beach 1 and Cat co beach 2, this is where many waves and quite deep, suitable for good swimmers. Find out where the other hotels, attractions, and must-see destinations of Cat Ba Island are located by exploring the interactive map on this page.

Going by boat to cruise Lan Ha bay in Cat ba package tours, you will see alot of islets with small beaches. Or you can buy Halong Bay – Cat Ba Island tour to go from Halong to Cat Ba by cruise. It looks like the Cat Ba langur will soon be officially recognized as an independent species,” Leonard reports with satisfaction. If the boat arrive in Phù Long, they can also say that 180,000 include the bus from Phù Long to Cat Ba… but it’s also included in the 150,000 VND ticket: boat and bus can’t be divided… it’s the same company. Cat Ba Island supports a population of over 20,000 inhabitants most of whom live off fishing or farming in and around Cat Ba Town.


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