Firstly, What kind of clothing you would like them to help you produce?
Why you need to do that? – Because of the fact that Each clothing manufacturer are good at producing only some kinds of clothing. For example, some only produce knitted garment, some are only focusing on woven products.

Secondly, Where should you go to find them?
Just by a simple searching techniques and some simply clicks, you could easily find them on the internet. They are all on the internet . However, The effeciciency of your work depends on your input information.Do not type only “clothing manufacturer” on it. Take the keyword from your list, put in on google search engine with the name of an area after that. For example, the phrase “clothing manufacturer vietnam” would be much more efficient instead.

The third step is collect information about the service the are offering with the checklist below

– Would they be able to provide you with full package services? A company who can provide you a full package service would always be the one having strong capacity due to the fact that they could cover from very first step to the final for you.

– Is fabric development included in their service. It’s very economic in terms of time and money since you do not need to cover for sourcing

+Do they keep themself updated with new knowledge, technology and innovation of yarn and fabric?. If yes, they would be very active in material development and even even be able to suggest you better choice.

+ Can you realize on their sourcing department? A strong sourcing department are very important for any manufacturer. Without this team, they could not make their service adapt to different requirement. They would not be able buy materials at best price. Therefore, they could not provide you a reasonable price

+ Can they tell you about their yarn & fabrics suppliers network? This point might decided if they could be a capable supplier. Stay elert as, somtimes, people lie you with a list of suppliers while not all of them are not actually supplying them. You can easily check with supplier named by them if they are actually their partners.

And finally, Is your technical requirement a matter for them? It’s very important as the better they handle your technical requirement, the high quality your product is.

+ Would they be able to understand your idea exactly? The prerequisite to be good at manufacturder is to have good designers and technicians who are able got your idea of the products very quickly and accurately. In case that it take you too much affort to explain them your idea, don’t keep wasting your time. Language can be an obstable in this case as the misunderstanding may come from the language. If you language or English are familiar with them, it would it would lower your affort to convey you idea.

+ Do their technicians equipped with modern technology? It would decide how professional your order would be handle. Strong technicians team could help you making good pattern, develope sample very fast, and prepared best tech-pack for bulk manufacturing A vast majority of the quality of your products depend on how good their technicians team is. In addition, for high functional products, for example activewear, technicians teams who have knowledge in structure of the product are must-have for that activewear clothing manufacturer.

Are there infrastructure good enough to for your order? I means that Do they have their own factory?, How many worker are working in their factory?, How many machine they have and How good those machines are.

I really hope that you could find anything that help you after reading this article

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